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Antonio Mazza

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An engineer from Ferrara, Antonio Mazza designed various buildings in his home town in the early twentieth century.

Born: 1872

Die: 1932



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  • Antonio Mazza | Zuccherificio Agricolo Ferrarese | Distilleria Romana | Villa Fano | Teatro Verdi | cinema Ristori | cinema Apollo


From a noble family, Count Antonio Mazza graduated university with a construction engineering degree. He began his career by working on industrial product structures. He was Director of Works and Co-Designer of the Zuccherificio Agricolo Ferrarese; he also built the sugar factory of Ficarolo, the Distilleria Romana in Pontelagoscuro, and several reinforced concrete silos.

After designing Villa Fano, he began to focus on designing theatres, entirely redoing Teatro Verdi and the Ristori Cinema. The latter was done for the Società Anonima Industrie Teatrali, of which he was the administrator.

He designed another theatre (which was never built) with Ciro Contini, then built the Apollo Cinema and Villa Fano in Viale Cavour in collaboration with his cousin Domenico Barbantini. Last but not least, he drew up a plan for the doubling of the Mestre-Venice Railway Bridge tract.


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