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The 20th Century

Route map Ferrara city of the twentieth century


  • Ferrara città del Novecento

From the mid 1920s to the late 1930s, the face of Ferrara was enriched and shaped according to Fascist aesthetics. The government implemented artistic and architectural developments that at times were closely related to the local history and architecture that had previously defined the city, and at others implementing more disruptive interventions.

The construction of numerous buildings during Ferrara's twentieth-century revitalisation responded to different needs: the Fascist regime's desire for propaganda and the related aesthetics that came with it, the need to employ a growing number of day labourers, and the necessity to develop and/or redevelop entire areas of the city.


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  • Assessorato alla Cultura e al Turismo, Comune di Ferrara


  • Barbara Pizzo