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The Azzolini Brothers: Guglielmo and Federico

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Guglielmo e Federico Azzolini, fratelli, sono stati pasticceri d’origine ferrarese, titolari della “Premiata pasticceria Azzolini”. Commissionarono l’ingegnere Giacomo Diegoli per la realizzazione del Palazzo Panfilio.

Work: 1927
Premiata Pasticceria Azzolini within Palazzo Panfilio, in Via Corso Isonzo at the corner of Viale Cavour, Ferrara

Work: 1936
Antica Pasticceria Azzolini in Corso Giovecca, Ferrara

History of the business

The Azzolini family has always been connected to hospitality services and the culinary industry.

Amelia Azzolini married Ugo Diletti, son of the manager of the Apollo Café, while her brother Giacomo managed the Pellegrino-Gaiana restaurant, at the time famous for its delicious food and the many opera and literary celebrities who were frequently seen there. In addition, the comedian Gaetano Azzolini, brother of the owner, often performed there.

In 1925, the Casa degli Spiriti (House of Spirits) was demolished to make way for a new project from Guglielmo and Federico Azzolini: a café and pastry shop, named the Premiata Pasticceria Azzolini.

The design of the building, taking on the name of Palazzo Panfilio, was entrusted to Giacomo Diegoli. The rooms were characterised by bar and café services and elegant halls for ceremonies, banquets and receptions. Unfortunately not as profitable as expected, Premiata Pasticceria Azzolini closed in August 1929.

In 1936, the brothers opened a second pastry shop, the Antica Pasticceria Azzolini, in Via Boldini. It was mainly to serve weddings, parties and banquets. The second business turned a profit for a few years, especially due to the fame the brothers earned with their characteristic local dessert, the famous brazadèla. Then the Paparelli family rented a space in Corso della Giovecca to the Azzolini brothers; as a result, the former Folchini took on the name Premiata Pasticceria Azzolini. In the 1960s, Nino Paparelli took over from the Azzolini brothers, calling the business Caffe Europa.

Brazadèla: Ferrara's local dessert

The most popular dessert produced by the Azzolini brothers was the typical brazadèla.

This biscuit is quite easy to prepare, and is usually eaten by dunking it in red wine. The ingredients are flour, butter, sugar, egg, lemon zest, milk and a pinch of salt.


Card text by Luca Alberti, Sara Angelini, Giacomo Diegoli, Matteo Panzetta, Ilaria Toffoli, 5A, academic year 2018/19, G.B. Aleotti Institute


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