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Giacomo Diegoli

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Born in Ferrara, architect Giacomo Diegoli designed Palazzo Panfilio. He also planned other monumental structures and modified various buildings.

Born: 1888

Die: 1962



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  • Giacomo Diegoli | Palazzo Panfilio


Giacomo Diegoli was born in Ferrara in 1888.

After earning his degree from the School of Architecture at the University of Ferrara, in 1923 he designed a plaque in memory of the students of the ‘Vicenzo Monti’ Royal Technical Institute who were killed in WWI. Though its whereabouts are no longer known, it once was located on the present-day Court of Ferrara building.

In 1925, Diegoli set out to design the Palazzo Panfilio in Ferrara, commissioned by the Azzolini brothers. They wanted to open a pastry shop and restaurant, which subsequently became a popular place for the wealthy citizens of Ferrara.

In 1926, Diegoli was assigned another project, this time by parish priest Mons. Benedetto Pavani: the restoration of the floor of the church of San Benedetto. Thanks to his efforts, the church returned to its original artistic splendour.

In 1927, Diegoli designed the main entry of the former Ospedale Sant’Anna (i.e. the entrance on Corso Giovecca), enriching it with wrought iron by the Bottoni company.

In March 1929, he was entrusted with the restoration of the cemetery of Sant’Agostino. The changes substantially consisted of the reduction of the areas occupied by the church and by aristocratic burial recesses, and the elongation of the length of the left lateral chapel.

He died in Pavia in 1962.



Card text by Luca Alberti, Sara Angelini, Giacomo Diegoli, Matteo Panzetta, Ilaria Toffoli, 5A, academic year 2018/19, G.B. Institute

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