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Ex Palazzo I.N.A. (Former I.N.A. Building)

Facade of Palazzo Ina. Author Tommaso Villani, class VB, ITG Giovanni Battista Aleotti, academic year 2018/2019

The Former I.N.A. Building directly faces Castello Estense, located where the ducal and papal legate stables once were, on a new block defined by Largo Castello, Viale Cavour, Via Frizzi and Via della Luna.


Build: 1934


  • Ex palazzo INA | Ferdinando Forlati | Gino Cipriani | Palazzo ina

The building

Approximately 25,000 m3 in volume, this imposing building housed the Agenzia Generale dell’Istituto Nazionale delle Assicurazioni (INA - the National Insurance Agency). Currently, the building is divided into luxury apartments and offices.

It was designed and destined for different uses since day one. Described as a modernist addition suitable for a metropolis, it is quite a contrast to the fourteenth-century fortress it faces. The exterior features a combination of masonry materials found throughout Ferrara: brick, ceppo comune (limestone blocks) and ceppo policromo (coloured blocks) from the clay of Lake Iseo. These materials were also used to make the three balconies on the façade. The largest of them, the one on the corner, has the most prized vantage point.

Today, the building is part of the ‘Ferrara, a Twentieth-century City’ itinerary.

The decoration

The building's design was admired especially for the practical arrangement of the internal rooms, the adoption of elements that ensure human comfort, and an ingenious way to remove humidity from the interior (a cavity in the walls of the foundation).

The porticoed ground floor was designated for offices, shops and garages, while the other floors were destined for apartments. Every last detail was carefully tended to, including the interior decoration, from the lifts with copper handrails to the multi-colour marble floors and the doors covered in steel sheet metal. Recently, while refurbishing the ground floor offices, an interesting fresco completed in 1943 by Adolfo Busi on the Palio Estense horse race came to light.

The building in tourist itineraries

Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali is part of the ‘Ferrara, a Twentieth-century City’ itinerary.


Card text by Giacomo Bertelli, Jacopo Lodi, Matteo Malservigi, Andrea Salvadego, 5A, academic year 2018/19, G.B. Aleotti Institute


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