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Inauguration of Villa Melchiorri

Villa Melchiorri. Foto tratta da "Ciro Contini ingegnere e urbanista" di Lucio Scardino

The inauguration of the first building of the Contini Era, on Viale Cavour, was an elite event attended by many members of Ferrara’s high society.


Event Date: 30 July 1904


  • Villa Melchiorri | 1904

The big event

The 30 July 1904 inauguration of the building, the first in a series of residential houses designed by Contini on the new road, was characterised by the presence of various local critics. It was quite the cultural event, drawing Ferrara's socialites, as evidenced by reports in several newspapers.

Making a good first impression, the building was accepted with great admiration, even by those with more traditional tastes. The use of the ‘floral style’ was considered appropriate both in consideration of the owner's profession (a flower grower) and because the house was located within a large garden.

The event was attended by the city's upper middle class and was characterised by an abundance of floral decorations and by an impressive ‘veil’ that blocked the view of the building.


Card text by Giacomo Bertelli, Jacopo Lodi, Matteo Malservigi, Andrea Salvadego, 5A, academic year 2018/19, G.B. Aleotti Institute


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